The religious rites and tradition in Calabria.

Viaggio individuale in Calabria, Sud Italia, con lezioni di cucina degustazioni e visite guidate.

An Individual Trip in Calabria.

When you choose Calabria as your travel destination, the risk is to find wonderful surprises. […]

Come back to Calabria for discovering the origin of your ancestors

The comeback trip in Calabria.

About 1 year ago, in 2017, I received an email with the object “Desde la […]

Visita guidata a Mendicino in Calabria.

Sightseeing of Mendicino: traditions, religion and myths.

Leaving Cosenza towards Mount Cocuzzo, you arrive at the medieval village of Mendicino which was […]

San Floro

San Floro: a tradition which becomes passion.

This time we made a sightseeing of San Floro, a little village near Catanzaro, on […]

A traditional Easter dessert.

The Easter period in Calabria you could see the women who walked to the bakery […]

riti e tradizioni di Pasqua in Calabria.

Easter Rituals in Calabria.

During the Easter period in Calabria every village organizes its rite or religious parade in […]

Turdilli, dolci tipici di Calabria.

Christmas in Calabria

Everything appears magic during the Christmas period with the coloured lights and religious customs. In […]