Sightseeing of villages and towns with their culture and traditions.


Sightseeing of Cosenza

Cosenza, the town of the ancient Bretti and Enotri, its historical centre and the modern part of the town…read more

Sightseeing of Crotone

Crotone, one of the most important centres of Magna Grecia well known as the Pitagora’s townread more

Sightseeing of Vibo Valentia

Vibo Valentia, an ancient Greek colony founded by Hipponion Locri Epizephiri, starting from…read more

Sightseeing of Catanzaro

Catanzaro, a Greek colony of Scolacium where is Grecìa, the oldest quarter of the town…read more

Bronzi di Riace

Reggio Calabria with its National Archaeological Museum which houses the Riace Bronzesread more 

Sightseeing of Altomonte

The sightseeing of Altomonte, member of the club “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy” starts with…read more 

Sightseeing of Morano Calabro

Morano Calabro is a member of the Club “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy” and awarded the Orange Flag by…read more 

Sightseeing of Gerace.

Gerace a medieval village near Reggio Calabria very famous for its numerous churches…read more