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Our tour leaders and directors and our guides are all with experience and able to take you to attractive historical centres, archaeological areas, museums of the Calabria.




guide turistiche della Calabria

Maria graduated in Classic Literature with a specialization in Classical Archaeology and she has been an enable European tour guide since 2000. At University she made several researches about cultural heritage and archaeological sites of the region, highlighting their touristic value.

Accompagnatore e guide turistiche Calabria

Gianluca, great lover of travelling, is a tour leader and enable European tour guide since 2001. He specialized for the province of Catanzaro, taking adults and school groups around the whole Calabria with sightseeing of archaeological sites, historical centres, food and wine tours and nature trails. He speaks English, too.

Accompagnatore e guide turistiche Calabria

Roberta graduated in Art History with a thesis on the Michelangelo’s sculptures. She has worked in several museums in Florence, including the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery. Since 2003 she has worked as a tour guide and, after graduating, as art historian. She has became an enabled European tour leader and guide.

Accompagnatore e guide turistiche Calabria

Grazia, Rosa and Daniela are members of a cooperative based in Rossano since 1997 and are enable tour guides. Since May 1998, on the granting of the Rossano-Cariati Archdiocese, they have managed the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art in Rossano, which houses the precious Codex purpureus Rossanensis, greek Gospels of the sixth century. The service is available in English, French, German and Russian.

guide in Calabria e accompagnatori turistici.

Miriam is a member of a cooperative which breads silkworms and produces silk by traditional methods in San Floro, a little village near Catanzaro. She is an authorized tour leader and takes around Calabria groups for cultural sightseeing in Spanish and English language, too. She organizes also several didactic activities teaching how breeding silkworms and producing the silk, especially with school groups.

Accompagnatore e guide turistiche Calabria

Erminia, Franca and Mariella are enable European tour guides and partners of a cooperative in Morano Calabro since 2000 which works mainly to promote the Pollino National Park. They manage the Museum of the History of Agriculture and Herding in Morano Calabro, situated at the Palazzo Salmena, which preserves old agricultural tools that are used in the past from people of this area. They lead groups of adults, students, and in German language, too.


Elena, has dual nationality, Italian and Russian, and she has worked as tour leader since 2011 and European tour guide. She has worked as cultural mediator in different multicultural and school projects and she is a Russian interpreter for groups who visit Calabria. She takes school and adult groups in Russian and English languages for cultural, artistic and natural tours in the province of Reggio Calabria and all around Calabria.

Ana Patricia

Ana Patricia has dual nationality, Italian and Brazilian, and loves travelling. She graduated in Tourist Sciences with a specialization in cultural tourism and is an enable tour guide and leader. She’s able to take group around Calabria for sightseeing of archaeological sites, historical centres, natural and food&wine itineraries, speaking Portoguese and English, too.


Natalino is enabled tour leader in English and Russian, too. He has collaborated as guide with the Diocesan Museum in Rossano and for the sightseeing in the Castle of Corigliano Calabro since 2006. He is a member of the Italy-Russia Cultural Association and in the 2014 received the award for contributing to spread the Russian iconography and for helping the relations between South Italy and Russia.


Marina is Russian and has worked in tourism since 2004 as tour leader for Russian and English group in Vienna. In 2015 she specialized as Wedding Planner in order to organize special events for foreign people in Italy. She is enabled tour leader in Russian and Germany.


Simone specializes in art history and has taught the Italian language to foreign people. He has collaborated with the cruise companies as tour guide for who wanted to visit the Calabrian historical centres. He is an enabled European guide in English and Spanish, too.

guide in Calabria e accompagnatori turistici.

Sylvie is French, but lives in Calabria. She has worked for the cruises company taking their clients around Calabria, Italian and French groups. She collaborates with the Museum of Liquorice “Amarelli” in Rossano only for French groups. She is an enabled European tour leader who well knows the most attractive places in Calabria. 

Guide turistiche in Calabria e accompagnatori.

Alessandra is specialized in Art History and is an enabled European Tour Guide. She has been working for cruise companies as regards the sightseeing in Calabria and accompanies Italian and foreign tourists for cultural and artistic intineraries. She speaks English and Spanish, too.