On the mountains of Sila with snowshoes.

Walking in an enchanted world.

Ciaspole in Sila

The mountains during the winter are fascinating, especially when they’re covered with soft snow. If you are not able to ski, like me, the better way to live the mountain is with the snowshoes: thanks to them you can walk on deep snow without sinking in and see wonderful wild places.

It had just snowed and we organized an excursion with snow shoes in the mountains in The Sila National Park. So we met with other people and our environmental guide at the starting point of our walk. We wore snow clothes, scarfs, hats, gloves and trekking shoes to face our little adventure in the best way: the guide gave us a pair of trekking poles and helped us to wear the snowshoes which are a pair of flat flames that you attach to the bottom of your shoes.

Then we started along a path surrounded by white covered trees, where there was a great silence and you could only hear your footsteps in the snow. While we were walking, it seemed to be in a fairy tale: everything looked magical with wonderful sceneries and the sun which passed through the branches reflecting on the white ground.

During some stops along our route, the guide told us more about this area, showing some beautiful panoramic views. We even came across the footprints of wolves: a shiver ran down our spines.

“It’s possible to do this kind of excursion at night” he said, “especially when there is the full moon, wearing little head lights that were provide. It’s also wonderful even if the weather isn’t so good, when you walk enveloped by the fog or while it’s snowing. It’s a different way to live the snow.” Then we ate some pieces of chocolate, we drunk a cup of hot tea that our guide had prepared before we left. 

After our hard walk, we finally reached a nice mountain house where they had prepared some delicious dishes with typical products. We felt so pleased eating so much all together and drinking a good red wine.

If you love the snow, you can’t miss this excursion: it’s a wonderful way to live and enjoy the mountain.

Brunella Brusco

Look at the pictures “Ciaspolata a Montescuro”. (Walking at Montescuro)

Look at the pictures “Ciaspolata nel Bosco Apitetto”. (Walking at Apipetto Wood)

Look at the pictures “Ciaspolata notturna”. (Walking by night)


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