Religious and cultural tour: St. Francis of Paola

Itinerario religioso in Calabria

St. Francis from Paola: the Sanctuaries which were built for his will.


A tour dedicated to the Sanctuaries that San Francesco from Paola wanted to build, from Paola to Paterno Calabro, Spezzano della Sila and Corigliano Calabro, where he founded other hermitages which are used by his followers. San Francesco from Paola, patron of Calabria and People of the Sea, is known throughout the world as the “Saint of Charity and the Miracles



Day 1 Trip

Arrival at hotel in Cosenza.

Day 2 Paola

Morning – walking along the Pilgrim’s Path, a route used by the faithful to reach the Sanctuary of San Francesco at Paola during the celebrations of the Saint in early May, from Montalto Uffugo Natural Park through the mountains of the Coast Range reaching the Sanctuary of Paola. Along the way there is a statue of St. Francis which was built in May 1988.

Afternoon – visit of the Sanctuary of St. Francesco of Paola, spiritual center of Calabria, and the historic centre of this charming village overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea where is the native house of the Saint.

Day 3 Paterno-Cosenza

Morning – sightseeing of Sanctuary of St. Francis from Paola situated at Paterno Calabro which is the second church founded by the Saint. Here the Hermit has stayed for a long time, because the solitude of the place favoured his experience. Afternoon – guided tour of the historic centre of Cosenza with its Cathedral (UNESCO heritage) and the MAB (Bilotta’s Open Air Museum) in the modern part of the town where you can admire several sculptures of famous authors such as De Chirico, Dalì, Manzù etc..

Day 4 Spezzano della Sila-San Giovanni in Fiore

Morning – Visit to the Sanctuary of St. Francis at Spezzano della Sila, the third one which was built by the Saint for the first part. It was one of the richest in the Order of Minims but after the Napoleonic suppression in 1809 it lost many works of art preserved in the library that included more than 2,000 volumes.

Afternoon – Visit to the Florense Abbey in the centre of San Giovanni in Fiore, built between 1189 and 1198 by the will of the Abbot Joachim da Fiore, who came to this area in order to search a new source of spirituality and to found the first order florense.

Day 5 Corigliano Calabro – Rossano

Morning – guided tour of the Sanctuary of St. Francis at Corigliano Calabro, the fourth one which he wanted for the congregation of the poor hermits, between 1474 and 1476, a period when the Saint stayed at Corigliano.

Afternoon – sightseeing of Rossano Calabro, its Byzantine historical centre and the Diocesan Museum, which contains the famous Codex Purpureus, greek Gospels of the sixth century.

Day 6 Departure