The journey of the tradition in South Italy

Viaggio nelle tradizioni in Calabria e tour con visite guidate.

A trip to discover Calabrian traditions and how the new generations have turned it into a new business. A tour to the lesser-know areas of Southern Italy with sightseeing of picturesque villages and little shops where local artisans display handwoven textiles, painted ceramics, and other works of art.


Day 1 The Trip.

Arriving in Calabria. Dinner and overnight stay on agriturismo in Maida, near Catanzaro.

Day 2 The tradition of the Silk.

Breakfast. Transfer to San Floro, the village of the silk, which is on the sweet hills overlooking the Ionian sea. Guided visit of the Museum of the Silk which is inside an old Castle of the 1400s. Transfer to a farm where a little company produces pure silk with traditional methods. The farm is in a wood of mulberry trees, and after a brief walk you arrive in a room where the silkworms are kept. Lunch at the farm with typical dishes. In the afternoon the “reeling” demonstration which shows the unwinding of the cocoon to get the silk thread. Dinner and overnight stay on agriturismo in Maida.

Day 3 The Tradition of the Ceramic.

Breakfast. Transfer to Squillace which is a medieval village overlooking the Squillace Gulf: a visit to the Cathedral, the Norman Castle and the several shops of the local artisans who work with ceramics. Lunch at the restaurant. In the afternoon visit of one of these shops where an artisan shows you how he creates his amazing ceramic objects with characteristic shapes and colours, all made in the byzantine traditional way. Dinner and overnight stay on agriturismo in Maida.

Day 4 The Tradition of the Folk Music.

Breakfast. Transfer to Tiriolo, the village of the two seas, so called because from its belvedere you can see both Calabrian seas: the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Sea. Sightseeing of an archaeological area and the Antiquarium which houses findings of the pre-Roman and Brettii period, and the Museum of folk costumes. Lunch at a typical restaurant. In the afternoon meeting with a local artisan who builds traditional musical instruments: he describes the characteristics of each one and shows how you can play it, because he is a musician, too. Dinner and overnight stay on agriturismo in Maida.

Day 5 The Tradition of Olive Oil.

Breakfast. Walk on foot along “the route of the mills” in San Pietro a Maida: it’s a natural path surrounded by trees and chestnut woods with the ruins of ancient olive oil mills which were built along the river in order to use the strength of the water to activate the mills. Lunch at the farm. In the afternoon visit of the farm which produces olive oil where you can discover the several steps of the production, old and modern techniques to obtain a very good extra virgin olive oil. Then a mini tasting oil class. Dinner and overnight stay on agriturismo in Maida.

Day 6 The Trip

Breakfast. Departure to come back home.

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