Trekking and Mountain Bike in Sila

Trekking e mountain bike in Sila

The discovery of the spectacular the Sila National Park thanks to hiking itineraries and mountain bike tours where you can admire landscapes with forests, grasslands and crystal springs.



Day 1 Arrival to Sila

Accommodation at a mountain house.

Day 2 Strada delle Vette (mbk)

Departure by mountainbike to the crossing point Montescuro (Dark Mount) where starts a scenic road called Strada delle Vette (the Road of the Peaks). In the afternoon a walk through historical centre of Cosenza.

Day 3 The “Titani” and the “Giganti” of Sila (trek)

Departure to the rural village Croce di Magara and lifts up to Botte Donato Mount (1928 mt above sea level), passing through “The Titans of Sila” centenarians beech. In the afternoon guided tour of the Fallistro Nature Reserve, considered one of the oldest forests in Italy with over 50 plants of pine trees 400 years older, and the Museum of Emigration called “The Ship of Sila” at Camigliatello Silano.

Day 4 Celico (mbk)

Departure by mountainbike to the small town of Celico, the birthplace of the Abbot Joachim of Fiore. In the afternoon come back to the accommodation retracing old paths that cross the countryside, chestnut groves and pastures.

Day 5 In the hart of the Sila National Park (mbk)

Departure by mountainbike to the village of Longobucco, the legendary “hideout” of bandits and country of frames and silver: through villages such as Moccone, Camigliatello and Croce di Magara, Ariamacina Lake and the pinewood from Pietre Bianche to Cupone area, near Cecita Lake and Fossiata forest, until Colle dell’Esca and the village called Longobucco. Accommodation at little apartments of the “country-hotel” Longobucco.

Day 6 The woodland of Fossiata (trek)

Departure to the ancient woodland called Fossiata. Excursion to one of the most unspoiled and protected areas of the park, safe heaven for deer and wolves. In the afternoon guided tour of the old town and the Museum of the Silano Handicraft and Soil Conservation. Then visit to the typical and still popular “tavern” in the country, extraordinary places of sociability strictly reserved for men.

Day 7 Departure


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