Culture and Tradition

Sea Holidays in Calabria and more.

The seaside holiday in Calabria (Southern Italy) for enjoying some relaxing moments on the Ionian sea cost and sightseeings of cultural and artistic places in this beautiful land. The Itinerary Day 1 the trip Transfer by coach to Sellia Marina, a village on the Ionian coastside nearby Catanzaro. Dinner and overnight at the 3 star […]

Vacanze al mare in Calabria con visite guidate. Viaggiare in Calabria.

The Family Rooting Travel

The Family Rooting experience is a family heritage event that is created in the form of a trip that brings a person/family back to their family roots and home town to experience their ancestry and regional culinary and folklore traditions, and perhaps even meet living relatives if any. Our trademarked “Rooting” philosophy is a completely new […]

Genealogical Research and family trip to the family roots.

The journey of the tradition in South Italy

A trip to discover Calabrian traditions and how the new generations have turned it into a new business. A tour to the lesser-know areas of Southern Italy with sightseeing of picturesque villages and little shops where local artisans display handwoven textiles, painted ceramics, and other works of art. THE ITINERARY Day 1 The Trip. Arriving […]

Viaggio nelle tradizioni in Calabria e tour con visite guidate.

Faith and Folklore in Calabria

Travel in Calabria with faith and folklore, religious procession and traditions which describe the great culture of Calabria. Thanks to the sightseeing on the Cedars Riviera, on the high part of Tyrrhenian Coast, you could know wonderful places with breathtaking scenaries.   ITINERARY No.1 – 6 DAYS/5 NIGHTS Wednesday: arrive to hotel in Diamante, a […]

Viaggio in Calabria tra fede e folklore

Folklore, Food and Wine in Calabria

A holiday in Calabria with folklore, food and wine along the famous Cedars Riviera on the Tyrrenian Sea. Thanks to the “Red Hot Pepper Festival” in Diamante, it will be possible to visit several stands with food and handicraft objects. There will be a tasting of typical products with hot pepper, shows and music. During […]

Festival del Peperoncino di Diamante

Religious tour in Calabria

The Places of Worship in the Pollino National Park   A religious tour in Calabria dedicated to pilgrimage sanctuaries, places of faith, rich in tradition, point of reference for their devotion to the figure of the Madonna and popular piety. Sanctuary in the territory of the Pollino National Park and for the most part in close […]

Santuario della Maddonna delle Armi

Historical and cultural tour in Calabria

A cultural tour in Calabria with historical itineraries where Frederick II from Swabia passed and stopped leaving historical and artistic evidence such as its castles situated in suggestive places in order to defend the territory.   ITINERARY Day 1 journey Accommodation at hotel in Amendolara Day 2 – Rocca Imperiale and Roseto Capo Spulico Transfer […]

Castello di Roseto Capo Spulico

Study and Vacation in Calabria

A holiday, 2 weeks, in order to discover Calabrian natural beauties, its art and traditions.   Proposal No. 1 Study and vacation in Calabria with hotel accommodation on the Tyrrhenian coast. An Italian language class, 2 hours per day except on Saturday and Sunday which are kept by expert mother-tongue teachers (max 15 people per […]

Vacanze Studio in Calabria

Archaeological tour at Vibo Valentia

A tour in Calabria dedicated to the discovery of the archaeological site in the territory of the ancient Hipponion, now Vibo Valentia. Extraordinary archaeological evidence of a land of great culture and tradition, sightseeing of archaeological sites, museums and fishing villages.   ITINERARY Day 1 Journey arrive to hotel in Vibo Valentia. Day 2 Tropea-Pizzo […]

Tour archeologico a Vibo Valentia

Religious and cultural tour: St. Francis of Paola

St. Francis from Paola: the Sanctuaries which were built for his will.   A tour dedicated to the Sanctuaries that San Francesco from Paola wanted to build, from Paola to Paterno Calabro, Spezzano della Sila and Corigliano Calabro, where he founded other hermitages which are used by his followers. San Francesco from Paola, patron of […]

Itinerario religioso in Calabria