Viaggio nelle tradizioni in Calabria e tour con visite guidate.

The journey of the tradition in South Italy

A trip to discover Calabrian traditions and how the new generations have turned it into a new business. A tour to the lesser-know areas of Southern Italy with sightseeing of picturesque villages and little shops where local artisans display handwoven textiles, painted ceramics, and other works of art. THE ITINERARY Day 1 The Trip. Arriving […]

Wine Tour in South Italy: Calabria and Apulia.

This is a 10-day wine tour in Calabria and Apulia, in the South Italy with visits to vineyards and wine-tasting opportunities galore. On hand you will have the benefit of an experienced sommelier and various wine experts who enjoy describing local production. Tourists appreciate this kind of tour especially those who love wine, typical Italian […]

wine touring in south Italy
escursioni in Calabria e trekking nel Parco della Sila

Trekking in Sila National Park, South Italy.

A trekking in South Italy on the mountains of Sila National Park, along the natural paths surrounded by breathtaking sceneries. The Itinerary Day 1 Arrive in Calabria Accommodation at the hotel which is a 1600 villa situated in Crosia, a little village in the north of Calabria on the Ionian coastside. Meeting with the guide […]

Faith and Folklore in Calabria

Travel in Calabria with faith and folklore, religious procession and traditions which describe the great culture of Calabria. Thanks to the sightseeing on the Cedars Riviera, on the high part of Tyrrhenian Coast, you could know wonderful places with breathtaking scenaries.   ITINERARY No.1 – 6 DAYS/5 NIGHTS Wednesday: arrive to hotel in Diamante, a […]

Viaggio in Calabria tra fede e folklore