Little Villages

9 Feb

Tiriolo, the hamlet of the 2 seas.

Tiriolo is a little village near settled in the narrowest part of the whole Calabria and the rest of Italy.


23 Dec

Sightseeing of Mendicino: traditions, religion and myths.

Leaving Cosenza towards Mount Cocuzzo, you arrive at the medieval village of Mendicino which was once an important silk centre. Its historical centre welcomes the visitors with its Clock Tower in the “Rione Castello” (the Castle District), so called in memory of the Castello Novo (the new castle) which was portraid by the Prussian Catel, a painter, during one of his […]


2 Dec

San Pietro a Maida and the Route of the Mills.

San Pietro a Maida is a little town near Catanzaro and is very famous for the production of olive oil: in fact as you leave the motorway to reach the village, along the route you can see great fields of olive trees which stand one next to an other like soldiers in different rows. Not so […]


12 May

San Floro: a tradition which becomes passion.

This time we made a sightseeing of San Floro, a little village near Catanzaro, on its green hills facing the Ionian sea. It was called “the village of the giants”, because a legend tells a story about the height of its people who became shorter as time went by. As we arrived, we looked out over […]


14 Nov

Bova: a welcoming village.

I’ve just left the town of Reggio Calabria and continued to the end of Italy turning around the coast from the Tyrrenian to the Ionian Sea. A wonderful route with a view that faces Sicily. Then I arrived in Bova Marina and I continued my journey up in the mountains and eventually Bova appared like a nativity […]