9 Feb

Tiriolo, the hamlet of the 2 seas.

Tiriolo is a little village near settled in the narrowest part of the whole Calabria and the rest of Italy.


14 Apr

The Vallje in Frascineto.

Every Thursday after Easter in Frascineto, a little hamlet which was founded by a group of Albanian refugees, in Pollino National Park area, the Vallja take place.


14 Sep

An Individual Trip in Calabria

When you choose Calabria as destination ofyour trip, the risk is always to be beautifully surprised. This is what it’s happened to Madame and Monsieur Wanner, 2 wonderful people from Swiss who trusted in us, Le Vie della Perla T.O., for the organization of 2 weeks tour in Calabria to discovering traditions, culture, food and […]


30 Mar

The “Vattienti” ritual in Easter.

During the Holy Week before Easter, in Verbicaro near Cosenza, the annual ritual of the Vattienti (the Flagellants) takes place.


24 Jan

The comeback trip in Calabria.

About 1 year ago, in 2017, I received an email with the object “Desde la Patagonia” (From Patagonia). An Argentine man asked to me a 4 day tour in Calabria for him, his wife and their 4 friends. They had planned a long tour in Europe which included a cruise on the Mediterranean sea, and […]


23 Dec

Sightseeing of Mendicino: traditions, religion and myths.

Leaving Cosenza towards Mount Cocuzzo, you arrive at the medieval village of Mendicino which was once an important silk centre. Its historical centre welcomes the visitors with its Clock Tower in the “Rione Castello” (the Castle District), so called in memory of the Castello Novo (the new castle) which was portraid by the Prussian Catel, a painter, during one of his […]


2 Dec

San Pietro a Maida and the Route of the Mills.

San Pietro a Maida is a little town near Catanzaro and is very famous for the production of olive oil: in fact as you leave the motorway to reach the village, along the route you can see great fields of olive trees which stand one next to an other like soldiers in different rows. Not so […]


12 May

San Floro: a tradition which becomes passion.

This time we made a sightseeing of San Floro, a little village near Catanzaro, on its green hills facing the Ionian sea. It was called “the village of the giants”, because a legend tells a story about the height of its people who became shorter as time went by. As we arrived, we looked out over […]


10 Apr

A traditional Easter dessert: the ancient “Cuculi” recipe.

The Easter period in Calabria you could see the women who walked to the bakery of the village with big baskets on their head covered each by a dish cloth, the only places where they could bake the “cuddruri”, a traditional Easter pastry. Originally it wasn’t a dessert, but a bread a little bit sweet that people […]


5 Apr

Easter Rituals in Calabria.

During the Easter period in Calabria every village organizes its rite or religious parade in order to celebrate the rising of Christ from the dead. In Mendicino, a little village close to Cosenza, the people perform the Last Supper and The Passion of Christ on a unique stage: the narrow streets of the village where the actors are the people who live […]