Le Vie della Perla

31 October 2017

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Chocolate and the party starts!

It seems to be at Perugia, in Umbria region, instead this time we are at Cosenza.

The Chocolate Festival at Cosenza is by now an institutional event and it’s waited not only from the people who live there.

The more famous Eurochocolate at Perugia has been the inspiration for this festival which is at its 15th edition: every year it is in the last weekend of October, from Thursday to Saturday, 4 days of tasting, show cooking and entertainment on the road.

Here “the Food of the Gods” meets the Calabrian tradition: the chocolatiers create unique chocolates by using typical Calabrian products such as the hot pepperthe figsthe liquoricethe bergamot and the cedar.

The sweet stands are spread along the high street Corso Mazzini, in the heart of the modern part of the town, which is pedestrian. Here it is hosted the MAB, “Bilotti’s Open Air Museum, too: Bilotti was an American magnate who was from Cosenza and gave his art collection to his hometown. So you can walk along the street and enjoy the wonderful statues made by important artists such as Giorgio De Chirico, Salvator Dalì, Manzù, Amedeo Modigliani, Sosno and many others.

It’s a way to delight your tongue and eyes, waking up all your senses.

And when you’ve eaten enough chocolate, we suggest you to continue your tour to the old part of Cosenza: walking along the old main street “Corso Telesio” until the Medieval Cathedral (UNESCO heritage of Culture), and then the classical theatre and the old Public Garden with its fascinating century-old trees.

Then Cosenza Sweet Cosenza: how many reasons are good to choose this town for your weekend break.

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