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27 December 2014

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Christmas in Calabria

Everything appears magic during the Christmas period with the coloured lights and religious customs.

In Calabria you begin to feel the Christmas feeling from December the 8th which is the Immaculate Conception Day: this is a public holiday as in the rest of Italy, so in the evening of the day before, in every house people prepare the “cuddruriaddri or cullurelli or crespelle” (it depends on the area of Calabria). They are a kind of fried doughnuts and made with flour, boiled potatoes and brewer’s yeast.

The typical desserts for the Christmas Dinner are the “turdiddri or turdilli” and the “scaliddri or scalilli”: the first ones look like the dumplings, but they are fried and covered with honey. The second ones are a kind of intertwined donuts covered with honey or a white glaze or chocolate.

Another Christmas dessert is the “chinuliddre or chinulille” which are stuffed by “mostarda” (grape jam) or spiced “ricotta” (soft white Italian cheese) or honey with walnuts.

During these holidays in several villages they organize a real Nativity Scene: among their narrow streets, people who live there become the characters of the story of Jesus’ birth and the craftmans showing how they make the traditional hand-crafted products.

It’s a way to savour more our Christmas spirit and get to know the old traditional habits and jobs by walking and discovering the many small picturesque Calabrian villages.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Brunella Brusco

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