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24 January 2018

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The comeback trip in Calabria.

About 1 year ago, in 2017, I received an email with the object “Desde la Patagonia” (From Patagonia). An Argentine man asked to me a 4 day tour in Calabria for him, his wife and their 4 friends. They had planned a long tour in Europe which included a cruise on the Mediterranean sea, and they wanted to add these 4 days for visiting Savelli, his grandparents’ village and discover some other interesting places around Calabria.

Then it started a long chat between us by email which took almost the whole year: this long period was necessary because it was very important to well know each other, understand what services they needed and create the right itineraries for them, an exclusive tour which was customized just for this group.

I tried to propose our rooting services, an event where you can meet your relatives at your hometown by living a special day, but they had just organized their tour in Europe and it was difficult to change the itinerary for adding this event.

When their tour in Calabria finished, I received a new message with the same object “Desde la Patagonia” from my Argentine friend:

“Se llega a determinada edad en que uno se pregunta por sus ancestros. Y llego el tiempo en que nos preguntamos como sería SAVELLI, el pueblo en donde Maria Luisa Frontera y Salvatore Saccomanno habían nacido y emigrado a la Argentina a principios del 1900. ¿Como llegar a ese pequeño pueblo en medio de La Sila?
Encontramos en internet a Le Vie della Perla y con ella a Brunella. Nos pusimos en comunicacion y contratamos el servicio ofrecido. Claudia, la guía, y Bernardo, el chófer nos hicieron sentir como en casa y los días que estuvimos en Calabria fueron excelentes. Fueron pocos, pero eso nos anima a volver, y por supuesto solicitar nuevamente ayuda a Le Vie della Perla
¡gracias Brunella!

Leonardo Saccomanno


(It happens that you reach an age and want know more about your origin and your ancestors. And this moment arrived and we imagined how Savelli was, the country where Maria Luisa Frontera and Salvatore Saccomanno was born and from where they had emigrated to Argentina at the beginning of 1900s. How could we reach this little village in the heart of Sila? We made a little research on internet and we found Le Vie della Perla T.O. and Brunella. We kept in touch and talked very much about the services we needed. Claudia, the travel guide, and Bernardo, the driver, made us feel at home and the days we spent in Calabria were wonderful. They were few days, but this forces us to come back again and surely we’ll call Le Vie della Perla. Thank you Brunella!)

Thanks to you, Leonardo!

Because if we “We give passion, we receive emotion!”

Brunella Brusco

Ask for your comeback trip.

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