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18 May 2021

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Craft Beer and matching.

An interview to Giuseppe Salvatore Grosso Ciponte, expert and producer of craft beer in Calabria.

Together with Giuseppe Salvatore Grosso Ciponte

The beer has an ancient history which dates back to 5000 years ago in Asia where there have found evidences of the Sumerian population. But other finds of the Assyrian population proof the presence of this drink and of the brewer profession, too.  

The beer was offered to the Gods or used at the funeral banquets. Later it also spread to the Middle East and Egypt where it was called zithum. In Italy it was introduced by the Etruscans and they “influenced” the Romans who at the beginning preferred the wine.

Craft Beer in Calabria

We had fun interviewing Giuseppe Salvatore Grosso Ciponte, with a long name as long and deep is his knowledge of beer, especially craft beer. Homebrewer, taster and speaker of beers, he created together with Marco Longo the Maltonauta brand of beers belonging to the craft world.

We have started with Giuseppe a beautiful partnership. We designed a Tour which is unique in the Southern Italy until now, spreading to more days, with guided visits of craft breweries in Calabria where they can taste their good beer and go to see to the nearby interesting hamlets. Another proposal we thought together is the online tasting of the Maltonauta craft beer with the matching of Calabrian typical products which are made just for this particular experience. It’s an exclusive opportunity!

Ingredients of the craft beers

We asked to Giuseppe of taking us to the fantastic beer world. Here we are what he told us. 

What is meant by craft beer and how is it different from industrial beer?
For the law the craft beer is an unpasteurized and unfiltered beer produced by a small brewery which is both legally and economically independent.
This definition is a philosophy of the production adopted by the artisanal producers who prefer to use raw materials other than those of industrial beer. Small productions bring with them choices that must necessarily focus on unique, different and unconventional quality products.
What are the natural ingredients of craft beers?
The four basic ingredients of a beer are cereals (wheat and barley above all), water, hops and yeast, all strictly natural and not with extracts or semi-finished products of them. Then it is possible to add any ingredient a brewer wants to experiment, looking for the right intuition to produce a unique beer of its kind.

Ingredients of the craft beers

What are the different types of craft beers?
The two largest macro beer categories depend on their low and high fermentation: the lagers and ales. The first one often easy to approach, delicate but at the same time with an unmistakable aromatic taste. The latter, on the other hand, are often more decisive in aromas and flavors, with a wide range that starts from the most delicate beers up to the meditation ones such as the barley wines.

The matching between craft beers and typical desserts.

What is the perfect match with the traditional Calabrian desserts?
Having in Calabria desserts which include pastries with or without creamy, we can match to them beers such as Belgian ale, bitters, wild barricade ale.

Craft beer matched with chocolate.

Why is honey a perfect match with beer?
Beer often has an olfactory sensation reminiscent of its most important raw material, malted cereal. So in many beers, putting your nose in the glass, you smell several shades of malt which remind various types of honey (acacia, wildflower, chestnut) which depends on the malt used.

Matching of craft beer to organic honey.

Let’s raise our glasses and make a toast with local typical products!

Brunella Brusco



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