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29 March 2017

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Destination Wedding in Southern Italy.

The Destination Wedding is a new service that more and more couples choose to celebrate their wedding far from where the bride currently lives and one of the most popular place is Italy.
Indians, Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox, Buddhist and many others are fallen in love for Italy, why? Why do they want Italy as destination wedding location? Their traditions, food and rites are so different from Italians ones, but their interest is growing.
The real reason is the romanceThe Italian people are the most romantic in the world, the most emotional to the beauty.

But can Calabria be a good wedding destination? Yes, it can.
It’s perfect for all people around the world who have Calabrian origin and wish to celebrate the promise in their hometown, for the Calabrians who live in several regions in Italy far from their loved land and for many foreigners who are fascinated by the beauty of Calabria.

Is Calabria a romantic and nice place? Yes, it is.
Here you found the wonderful colors of the sunset on the sea along the Tyrrhenian coast, one of the most beautiful seaside in the Southern Italy, the charm of the past and its history, the breathtaking panoramas, its nature, the cuisine full of smells and flavors, the warm welcoming which “comes straight from the heart” as Le Vie della Perla says.

All these ingredients make the wedding perfectly romantic in a so unique land!

How will your wedding be in Calabria?
It could be original, colorful, fascinating, rural, scented, warm.
It’s certainly a dream wedding!

And we are here to realize it.

Marina Angerer- Wedding Planner
Destination Wedding in Southern Italy

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