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Tiriolo and Rogliano

The Italian word "tradizione" (traditions) is from the Latin tradere which means to hang down.

In Calabria during its thousand-year history, several population with different cultures came in succession. For this reason here we find a lot of uses, customs, languages and values that are still alive.

As a consequence Calabria is a land rich in many traditions that have been handed down by the craftsmanship of ceramics, weaving, wood, goldsmithing, folklorist dance and music. Moreover the gastronomic traditions make Calabrian cuisine among the richest in Italy.

These activities have been kept alive thanks to the young generation who still live in the small villages. They have learned and earned so much from their ancestors that now they are turning this heritage into new business.

Among the villages where the traditions are still strong there are Tiriolo and Rogliano.

Tiriolo is called the village between the two seas, because it is located in the narrowest part of Calabria and you can admire the Ionian Sea to the East and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the West. It is also known for the art of weaving and of ancient musical instruments. Rogliano, known as the village of 12 churches, in the heart of the Savuto Valley, is divided in Rioni Serra, Spano, Donnanni, Cuti and Forche districts. It is also famous for the tradition of bread, the folklorist music and the artisan nativity scenes.

What you can do

Day tour at Tiriolo - History and Traditions

  • Guided visit of the Archaeological Area and of the Gianmartino Regional Archaeological Museum. The same building hosts an exposition of the Traditional Calabrian Costume, among which the traditional Tiriolo dress stands out, rich in embroidery and designs. Continue among the alleys of the ancient village until you reach the hill where the ruins of the Sant’Angelo Castle dating back to the 11th century are located, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view. Guide visit. Visit to the traditional musical instruments workshop and to an artisan weaving one.

Day tour in Rogliano - in the Savuto halley

  • Guided visit of the laboratory of the Bakery Cuti and a mini class for making the bread. Then we continue to the Cuti Bread Museum settled inside the same building of the bakery. Little tasting of bread with typical products.  Guided visit of Cuti district and meeting with the artisan artist and musician Sandro Sottile who make the handcrafted nativity scenes and the traditional musical instruments, especially the "zampogna" (a kind of bagpipe). Transfer to the historic centre of Rogliano for continuing the walk among the other districts, each with its parish church, its main square with a fountain and its noble palaces.

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What you can add

The day tours to add with base in Tiriolo

  • Tasting lunch for discovering the typical local products.
  • Trekking along the paths on Tiriolo Mount.
  • Experiential activities of archaeology laboratories.
  • Guided visit to a farm where the olive oil is produced with a small tasting.

The day tours to add with base in Rogliano

  • Guided visit of Tenuta Bocchineri, an estate with some small Farming Museums and the fallow deer enclosure.
  • Trekking with several levels along the paths in the Savuto Valley.
  • Glamping in the tree house, a monumental tree which is a century-old oak, or at the house in the wood.
  • Guided visit to the vineyard farm with tasting. 

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