Olive oil tourism in Calabria.


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2-12 people

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Sightseeing of farms, tasting classes and olive harvesting.

The cultivation of olive tree, typical in the Mediterranean area, has got old origins in Calabria. It dates back to the Greek period, VIII/VII century b.C., and then the old Romans, with some important innovations, carried the production of olive oil all around the world.

But the presence of the olive tree in Calabria dates back many time before, to the Bronze Age (XIII - XII century b.C.) and we are sure about this thanks some evidences which were found in the archaeological sites, such as olive stones and oil traces inside containers which were called pithoi. So the history makes the extra virgin olive oil in Calabria one of the best in the world and at the second place in Italy.

There are 33 cultivar of olive tree and the most famous are: the Carolea which is spread all around Calabria, expecially in the province of Catanzaro, the Grossa of Cassano in the province of Cosenza, the Ottobratica in the province of Reggio Calabria and the Tonda of Strongoli in the province of Crotone.


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Our proposals provide the possibility to live a local experience in the world of the olive oil thanks to activities to help you to knowing the territory where tradition and innovation are mixed together and realize high quality products. Guided visits to farms which produce organic extra virgin olive oil with little tastings, walking in the olive grove and learning of production techniques, the harvesting of olives with the possibility of taking part to, the preparation of the olives preserves, mini classes of oil tasting for learning how you can distinguish the real extra virgin olive oil from the other species. The experiences to live are several and exciting.

PROPOSAL 1 - Guided visit of the farm.

walking in the olive grove, visit of the production plant and little olive oil tasting.

PROPOSAL 2 - Mini class of olive oil tasting.

guided visit of the farm and mini class of olive oil tasting for learning to discern the several species of olive oil and from the seed oil by sensory, olfactory and gustatory activities.

PROPOSAL 3 - The olive harvesting.

you take part to the harvesting of the olives for learning the techniques, manual or mechanical way, and visit of the production plants.

PROPOSAL 4 - Workshop of the preparation of preserves.

You can take part or just see the preparation of the preserves of the harvested olives and you learn the several conservation techniques of this fruit, such as the famous “ammaccate” (beaten, flattened) olives which are preserved in the olive oil and some spices.


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