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Virtual and interactive sightseeings in real time.

Travelling remotely by computer, without leaving home, is also possible in Calabria, a region of Southern Italy to discover, because it is full of history, beautiful landscapes and many traditions.

Thanks to the Icarus platform, we offer the opportunity to live an experiences in the old part of the towns or small villages to discover hidden corners and curiosities of these places. They are not simple live recording, but real tours at distance and in real time during which you can interact with the guide or the local expert by asking questions, taking photos and stopping in front of a monument. It will feel like being in a video game!

A new and fun way of travelling and getting to know faraway places which otherwise could not be visited or for preparing your own real travel experience in these same places in a next future.


Virtual sightseeing by Icarus platform

Travel guide or local expert

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The Proposals

These our proposals are virtual sightseeings, interactive esxperiences online and in real time. You can visit at distance by your computer, at home, interesting touristic towns, historical centres, small villages, your hometown or your ancestors' places.
The itineraries are several, right for every interest and need.
You can live the proposed experiences in an exclusive way or in sharing with a small group: in the first option you have the full time at your disposal for speaking to your private tour leader, in the second one the whole time is divided among the partcipants for interacting during the recording live.
Choose the suitable one for you.
Ask for a quote!

PROPOSAL 1 - Cosenza, discovering the ancient merchants' route.

Sightseeing of the old part of Cosenza, the ancient Brutii and Enotri's city : the itinerary includes a walk along Corso Telesio, once the heart of commerce with its artisan shops. We start from Piazza XV Marzo with the “A. Rendano” Theatre where important seasons of opera and prose music take place, the Palace of Government and the Villa Comunale, an old park with several centenarians trees. Continuing along the Corso Telesio we arrive to the medieval Cathedral which is an UNESCO heritage and we finish the tour at Valdesi Square.

Duration: 50 minutes

PROPOSAL 2 - Cosenza and the MAB - Open Air Museum Bilotti.

A walk along the MAB - Open Air Museum Bilotti which hosts the artists' sculptures of international fame such as De Chirico, Modigliani, Manzù, Dalì, Sosno, Rotella, Consagra, Greco and more. The museum path takes 1.2 km along Corso Mazzini, the highstreet of the modern part of the town which is pedestrian, full of shops and heart of the nightlife. These works of art were given by the Bilotti family who has origins from Cosenza.

Duration: 50 minutes

PROPOSAL 3 - Mendicino, the hamlet of the spinning mills.

A walk in the old part of Mendicino, once very famous for the production of the silk. Starting from the Cathedral, St Nicolas from Bari, we continue to The Dynamic Museum of the Silk, the Gaudio family's old spinning mill, and between the narrow streets of the hamlet until the Campagna's Palace. From here we can admire a breathtaking panorama which faces on the tower clock. The sightseeing finishes with the second Gaudio family' spinning mill.

Duration: 50 minutes


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