The Ancestry tours: the Family Rooting Travel

The Family Rooting experience is a family heritage event that is created in the form of a trip that brings a person/family back to their family roots and home town to experience their ancestry and regional culinary and folklore traditions, and perhaps even meet living relatives if any.

Our trademarked “Rooting” philosophy is a completely new experiential travel experience focused on root re-connection travel and enables visitors to become citizens of their town of origin for a day.
The trip is tailor-made and includes the accommodation for your stay in Italy, an English speaking guide or translator, the car reservation with driver, every service you want to add.


In partnership with Italy Rooting Consulting we provide:

Group heritage family tour which gives you the security of a group with the flexibility of taking independent day trips to explore your hometown or visit relatives

Private genealogy trip, an individual trip which is completely tailor made based on a combination of the cultural charm of the area and the findings of the genealogy research.


  • the Genealogical Research contacts before and during your heritage trip;
  • the Special Family Rooting Memory Book, a commemorative documented collection of the legacy of your Italian family lineage and some information about your hometown and the lifestyle of your ancestory