Le Vie della Perla

23 May 2017

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Wedding on fly.

Nowadays it’s fashionable to get married and promise each other love and fidelity for ever and ever, in some romantic place far away from they live, and Italy is one of the favorite venue for foreigners. But for many people, travelling isn’t simply a new tendency, it’s their lifestyle and necessary like the air they breathe. And if the heart calls, Calabria is present.

Is this a dream day?

People say: “Wedding is a dream day”. So let’s dream in the best way and make it unique and unforgettable: let’s take the flight!

What is more romantic than a flight? A ceremony on hot-air balloon which flies over the earth where the beauty of Calabria is magical. We leave between the mountains in Sila, at 1,600 metres above sea level, and go up to the sky and over.

Dreaming is wonderful, but realizing a dream is more difficult. Then I thought to make a video and a photoshoot for the “Wedding on fly” pretending it was for real.
The organization was so complicated, it was like a nice dance with many rehearsals, sacrifices and much work.
First the test of the flight on hot-air balloon which must be sure for the couple.
Then I took care to the other details: wedding outfits, hairstyles and bouquets, all well harmonized between each other.
How many things I had to verify: doing a test for the flight, talking to the professionists, choosing the right shoes and clothes in order that the bride could feel good, beautiful and sure.
At once the bridegroom arrived and everything seemed simpler, but I couldn’t overlook every detail.

I had to choose with care all equipment in order to make real the celebration and above all think about a possible second plane in case of bad weather: in fact the flight by hot-air balloon depends on the good conditions of the weather, especially on the wind which does not allow the flight.

Here was the Perfect Wedding, though there were not the guests, the music and the cake cutting!

Watch the photos

The realization of this project has given to me a great satisfaction. It has been my dream and I’ve fulfilled it.
Now it’s your turn to dream and I’ll make it real.

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Marina Angerer-Wedding Planner
Destination Wedding in Southern Italy

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